Not Good For Families

Review by Alissa Rosen (North Shore, IL) on February 13, 2015
This woman should not be allowed to be in the field... [read more]

Not Impressed With Jane Lee

Review by Margit Bergren (Buffalo Grove, il.) on April 19, 2013
I was not impressed. She is only interested in... [read more]

Jane Lee is Rude and Unhelpful

Review by C. Smith (Lake Zurich, IL) on August 9, 2012
Jane Lee is incredibly rude and unhelpful.  After... [read more]

Robin Wilson is Professional

Review by Sue Monhait (Highland Park, IL) on September 26, 2011
Robin Wilson is professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic... [read more]

Robin Wilson Is Exactly What You Want

Review by Gary Veerman (Northbrook, IL) on September 24, 2011
Robin is exactly what you want in a real estate agent... [read more]

Disappointed With Jeremy Porter

Review by Kristina Smith (Libertyville, IL) on June 23, 2011
Not the most trust worthy person. Would tell you anything... [read more]


Review by Katie Hutchins (Highland Park, IL) on June 1, 2011
Robin Wilson works extremely hard for all her clients... [read more]

Robin Incompetent and Does Not Listen

Review by Duped Homebuyer (Chicago, Il) on May 3, 2011
Robin does not listen. We repeatedly told her what... [read more]

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